Through the Keyhole

Many gynaecological procedures can be conducted in a minimally invasive or keyhole manner. This is where the operation is conducted through multiple small holes on the abdomen. This allows for less pain after surgery and a faster recovery. I have trained and conduct this form of operating and have also mastered the art of vaginal surgery.

In vaginal surgery, instead of multiple small cuts on the abdomen there are no cuts on the abdomen and all the operating is undertaken through the vagina. This allows for the least discomfort and abdominal scarring.

There are also procedures which can be conducted 'cystourethroscopically' which means carried out in the urethra (tube which connects your bladder to the outside world) and the bladder via passing a small camera no larger than a phone charger lead through the urethra.  I use these procedures to treat leakage of urine with you awake under local anaesthetic or asleep under a general anaesthetic.

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