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I offer a range of investigations and thereafter conservative, medication and surgical treatments for the management of urinary leakage, urgency, voiding difficulty, painful bladder syndrome and recurrent UTIs

I specialise in non surgical and surgical treatments for prolapse. Surgery can include laparoscopic (keyhole) and vaginal (no abdominal cut and mesh free) options for the management of prolapse including sacrospinous fixation, sacrocolpopexy, hysteropexy, vaginal hysterectomy and repairs.

I treat vulval pain disorders and lichen sclerosis as well as problems associated with enlarged labia, vaginal laxity, postnatal perineal problems, painful sex and sexual dysfunction.

I treat all gynaecologolical concerns including treating menstrual difficulties. I am a member of the British Menopause Society and have a specialist interest in improving quality of life for women with menopausal symptoms.


Urogynaecologist and Gynaecologist

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Mr. Gans Thiagamoorthy

Mr Gans Thiagamoorthy, is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who grew up in Surrey, gained his medical degree from St. George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London and was subspecialty trained in Urogynaecology in King’s College Hospital, London where he gained Royal College certification.  Mr Thiagamoorthy has conducted post-graduate studies and submitted his thesis to King's College, London on improving care for women with urogynaecological concerns which he has integrated in care pathways for his clients. 

With 12 years experience as a Gynaecologist, Mr Thiagamoorthy serves as the Information committee Chair of the British Society of Urogynaecologists and is a member of the International Continence Society, International Urogynaecological Association and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.  He is also an honorary lecturer at St. George's Hospital Medical School and is specialty lead for undergraduate education at Ashford & St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mr Thiagamoorthy treats all gynaecological problems and specialises in caring for women who have concerns regarding possible prolapse, all forms of urinary difficulty from persistent or recurrent cystitis to frequent passing of water or urinary incontinence, post birth difficulties, painful sexual intercourse and menstrual problems.



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